dragon fruit

Top five edges of dragon fruit and Guava

Top five edges of dragon fruit and Guava

dragon fruit

dragon fruit


Dragon fruit is understood to decrease dangerous steroid alcohol levels and fill smart steroid alcohol levels to profit the center. Moreover, the fruit has monounsaturated fats that facilitate the center to remain in nice form.

Great for the gut

If you’ve got been littered with biological process troubles late, eat a dragon fruit. attributable to its high fibre content, the fruit will assist in poor digestion and constipation. The fibre content conjointly stabilizes blood glucose levels by suppressing sugar spikes.

dragon fruit

dragon fruit

Immunity booster

Dragon fruit contains metallic element, chemical element, iron, protein, B-complex vitamin and fibre, all of that square measure best-known to bolster body’s system. Moreover, the presence of high level of vitamin C, minerals and pytoalbumin stimulates activity of antioxidants.


Eating dragon fruit offers lots of medicament properties. It are often of nice facilitate to ease inflammatory disease complications, like severe irritation and immobility.

Benefits for skin

Presence of antioxidants in dragon fruit will keep the skin tight and young. you’ll be able to build a natural anti-aging mask, mixing along the fruit and honey. exploitation this could conjointly assist you get eliminate disease of the skin.


An amazing tropical fruit that provides a spread of health edges as well as the vitamins, minerals and medicative blessings. embody this fruit in your diet and you’ll be able to expect shocking health edges.

Improves Complexion

Pink guava are often terribly effective in up the complexion and creating the skin look beaming and recent. you’ll be able to build a guava scrub by mashing guava flesh with fixings and apply it on the face. Rinse it off when twenty minutes with lukewarm water. do that a minimum of double every week to induce the most effective results.

Treats polygenic disorder

Guava peel isn’t commonly edible however it should be terribly useful in polygenic disorder. Study revealed within the Indian Journal of Medical analysis says that rats United Nations agency consumed guava had small blood glucose level and steroid alcohol levels.

Cleans gastrointestinal system

Guavas square measure made in fiber that is absolutely useful in cleansing the gastrointestinal system and maintaining a free shitting.



Skin Care

Guava is made in vitamin E content and has astringent properties that nourish the skin. Skin ailments like scurvy are often restricted guava thanks to the high vitamin C content.

Eye Care

Eye issues are often unbroken at a bay by as well as guavas in your diet. it’s associate degree galore offer of vitamin A that helps in up vision.



Prevents Hair Loss

Being a fashionable supply for vitamin C, guava is one amongst those fruits that promote healthy hair growth. It conjointly helps in combating hair loss issues.

Prevents Constipation

Guava are often superb for your health likewise as your gastrointestinal system. The high content of fiber in guava makes it terribly effective in preventing the constipation.

Lose weight

Guava will increase the metallic element intake in your body that helps increase the muscle mass and burns additional fat. One guava contains 688 milligrams of metallic element that’s sixty three % over a banana.

Prevents Cancer

Guava contains additional carotenoid than tomatoes. carotenoid protects the skin from being broken from ultraviolet illumination rays and thereby it conjointly prevents from cancer.

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